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Questions and Answers

How can I make sure that people do not see my exact location?

There is a switch in the app settings that takes care of that. As a result the location which can be seen by others is only an estimate and your profile marker on the map is shown slightly transparent to signal this.

I am switching to a different mobile so how do I get my data restored?

For Android:
If you have enabled the Google cloud backup on your mobile then your data is automatically backed up and restored. Apart from this the app automatically creates a folder called "AffairsNearMe" on a daily basis. This folder is stored on the sdcard or - if an sdcard is missing - on the internal memory. Just make sure that this folder is available on the new device and everything will be restored automatically.

For iPhone/iPad:
Make sure you backup your app data in iCloud or via ITunes.

How do I stay anonymous?

We are aware that many of our users have a high demand for discretion. Therefore we do not store any data about the real person and no email address. The complete communication and all messages stay within the app. In addition you can also disable the automatic message check and only check your messages manually. With this nothing shows the usage of the app.

Is the service free of charge?

The most important functionality of this service is free of charge. You can search for other people, send messages, upload a picture and also mark people as interesting. More advanced features such as sending presents or uploading more pictures can be purchased directly in the app.

I have found an issue with the app

Please get in touch with us and we will correct it instantly.

I don't feel comfortable to write a message to somebody, do you have something like "blind dates"?

If you mark a profile as interesting then you just have to wait if this person marks you as well. You will be informed and that already gives you a head start.

5 reasons for an affair

Why do people in relationships have affairs? Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. Protest
    If there has been a lot of unhappiness in a relationship, your partner might have an affair to say: "Look how much you've hurt me!"
  2. "You don't love me anymore"
    Sometimes the partner feels left out and important anymore. Pregnancy or children are often a reason for this - as well as lack of communication.
  3. Sex replacement
    Bad sex or not enough sex are often a reason to seek for an affair.
  4. Romantic affair
    When the initial prickle has worn off and relationships become "normal", some people have affairs because they so desperately miss the romance.
  5. Escape-route
    If partners think the relationship has come to a point where it can't be rescued anymore, sometimes they seek for an affair as an excuse. It's much easier to have fun with someone else than discuss separation.